Proposal Template

Project title

The problem

Clearly defining the problem is the most critical part of your solution. Describe the current state of the issue. Use supported materials such as screenshots and data if needed.

The solution

Write a few sentences describing how you plan on solving the problem.


Describe up front what the success of your solution will look like. List the deliverables for your project such as code and documentation.

Implementation design

Lay out the plan and how to execute it. It should match the achieved goals stated in your proposal. List all known dependencies.


Include milestones with estimated completion dates. Include tasks associated with each milestone. This is a good place to demonstrate that you have outlined a manageable project and that you have done enough research to successfully understand the scope of the problem.

Risks & Mitigation

List risks that may prevent you from successfully completing your project and your mitigation for each risk. Include other commitments you have during the program (job, internship, etc).

The applicants are required to complete an issue tagged with the โ€œgood first issue for devsโ€ in order to be selected.

About me

Write a few sentences about yourself, your experience, and what makes you a good candidate. We would also like to know what other open source projects you have participated in the past.

Contact information

Please specify your contact details, time zone, and language familiarity. Optionally you can also provide links to your profiles on GitHub, LinkedIn, personal webpage, etc.

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