Core values

At AppFlowy, we embody what we value deep in our hearts, taking inspiration from other great companies while forging our own path. AppFlowy’s five core values are Mission Driven, Aim High & Iterate, Transparency, Collaboration, and Honesty. Together, they spell MATCH. We will continue to iterate and refine these values as we grow.

Mission Driven

  • Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to create apps that suit their needs well.
  • We are true believers in open source—a fundamentally superior approach to achieve the mission.
  • We actively lead and support the AppFlowy open-source community, where a diverse group of people is empowered to contribute to the common good.
  • We think strategically, make wise decisions, and act accordingly, with an eye toward what’s sustainable in the long run, not what’s convenient in the moment.

Aim High and Iterate

  • We strive for excellence with a growth mindset.
  • We dream big, start small, and move fast.
  • We take smaller steps and ship smaller, simpler features.
  • We don’t wait, but instead iterate and work as part of the community.
  • We focus on results over process and prioritize progress over perfection.


  • We make information about AppFlowy public by default unless there is a compelling reason not to.
  • We are straightforward and kind with ourselves and each other.
  • We surface issues constructively and proactively.
  • We say “why” and provide sufficient context for our actions rather than just disclosing the “what.”


  • We pride ourselves on being a great team.
  • We foster collaboration, value diversity and inclusion, and encourage sharing.
  • We thrive as individuals within the context of our team and succeed together.
  • We play very effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • We make time to help each other in pursuit of our common goals.


  • We are honest with ourselves.
  • We admit mistakes freely and openly.
  • We provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues with respect, regardless of their status or whether they disagree with us.
  • We are vulnerable in search of truth and don’t defend our point to just win over others.