DISCLAIMER: This page contains information about features that are work-in-progress (WIP).


  • Event: An event in a calendar view is analogous to a row as define here, with the added requirement of it must having at least one date field.

Layout Settings

Several aspects of the calendar view UI can be customized in the settings menu. These settings are stored in the database's layout settings:

  • Which layout to use: day, week or month.

  • Whether to display weekends.

  • Whether to display the week numbers.

  • Which day is the first day of the week.

  • Which date field should be used to arrange the events in the calendar.

The calendar layout settings are retrieved by sending events to the backend and then getting the resulting notification. The specific events and notifications of interest here are the GetLayoutSetting and SetLayoutSetting events, and the DidUpdateLayoutSettings and DidSetNewLayoutField notifications.

Displaying Events

Events in the database are arranged in the calendar using the currently-specified date field. If the value of this date field for an event is empty, that event will not be displayed in the calendar, but rather in a list of other such events.

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