Table-view Databases

A table-view database is also called a Grid. It looks like a classic table but can do more than just rows and columns.

Create a database in table view

There are two ways:

  1. Click on the + icon next to a page, then select "Grid"

  2. Create one inside a page. Type / to open up the menu. Select Create a new Grid


Every row in a database is a page. You can open a row as a page to edit properties or enter values.

  • Hover over a row and click the Open as a Page button

  • You will see all the properties organized at the top.

    • Click on the property name to edit it or its type.

    • Click in the property field to edit its content.

    • Learn more about how to manage properties.

  • You can also add a new property to your database by clicking + New property.

  • You can perform Delete and Duplicate on the current row.

    • Delete: delete this row

    • Duplicate: duplicate this row

Add Rows

  • Click the + that appears on hover next to any row. This creates a new row below it.

  • Click + New at the bottom of your table to add a new row right there.

Row Options

Click the :: icon that appears on hover to the left of each row to bring up this menu of options:

  • Delete: Deletes the row from your list.

Customize your table

Edit table properties

Add a property

  • Click the + all the way to the right of your last column.

  • Open row as a page and then click +New Property


View only the rows that fit certain criteria.

  • Click Filter at the top right of your table.

  • Choose which property you want to filter by from the dropdown.

  • Choose the condition you want to use, i.e. is, is not, etc.

  • Define the value of the property you want to see, i.e. a specific tag or contains certain words.

  • You can add multiple filters.

  • Click Filter again to hide or show filters

  • Remove a filter by clicking on the filter and then the : menu


When you sort your data by any property in Ascending or Descending order, all the data from that row will travel together automatically.

  • Click Sort at the top right of your table.

  • Choose the property you want to sort by, then choose Ascending or Descending. You'll see your table rearrange in real time.

  • You can add multiple sorts to a table, with sorting criteria taking precedence based on their order in the list.

  • Remove sorts by clicking the X icon in the Sort menu next to them.

Linked View of Database

You can add an existing view of database to a page. Type / to open the slash menu.

Select Referenced Grid` to link an existing table-view database.

Property value changes you made to the linked view will sync back to the original database.

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