๐Ÿ“กTauri Setup

Clone AppFlowy

Clone AppFlowy

git clone git@github.com:AppFlowy-IO/AppFlowy.git

Install prerequisites

  1. Follow the instructions here to install Tauri

  2. Install cargo-make

# AppFlowy use cargo-make to run the scripts
cargo install cargo-make
  1. Install AppFlowy dev tools

# install development tools
cd AppFlowy/frontend
cargo make appflowy-tauri-deps-tools

cd appflowy_tauri
npm install -g pnpm
pnpm install

IDE setup


You can run from VSCode: Open the frontend folder located at AppFlowy/frontend with VSCode.

This option enable debugging the core process directly. Or you can run manually:

cd frontend
cargo make tauri_dev


Open the appflowy_tauri folder located at AppFlowy/frontend/appflowy_tauri and then run the tauri:dev.


Remove the build artifacts first when facing compiler errors.

cd frontend
cargo make tauri_clean

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