How to get help


We want your experience with AppFlowy to be smooth and positive from day one! We realise, though, that a bit of assistance at the right time can help, especially when AppFlowy is still at an early stage of the development.

To deliver an effortless onboarding experience, we've put together a list of resources designed to give the answers you need.

Essential Documentation

What you are looking at - the AppFlowy Essential Documentation - is likely one of the best resources to start with. This wiki provides a wide range of instructions and how-tos for AppFlowy. Even if you don't have a specific question, this is a great place to start on your journey with AppFlowy. And we encourage you to continue to check it out as we are continuously updating and adding new documentation.

Ask The Community

We encourage to join our community to make AppFlowy a world-class open-source project!

  • Get quick help on Discord along with 1000+ hackers and developers

  • Open issues, PRs, feature requests and vote on them on Github

Contact Us

You can get assistance directly from AppFlowy team on Discord or email

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