๐ŸŽนAppFlowy + StabilityAI

StabilityAI is a company known for its involvement in the development and promotion of artificial intelligence technologies. They gained particular attention for their work in the field of generative AI, which includes creating algorithms capable of generating images, text, and other forms of media.

One of their well-known projects is "Stable Diffusion," a text-to-image AI model. This model allows users to input text prompts and generate corresponding images, similar to what OpenAI's DALL-E does. The focus of StabilityAI on open-source projects reflects a growing trend in the AI field to make powerful AI tools more accessible and foster innovation through community collaboration.

What are the current functions of StabilityAI in AppFlowy?

  • Text to image generator: input text prompts, generate beautiful images, and insert into a document

How to use it in AppFlowy:

  • Youโ€™ll need an StabilityAI account and an API key. You can sign up here. It offers a FREE trial.

  • After creating an account, you can create a secret API key.

  • Copy the secret key --> Go to Settings --> Users --> StabilityAI Key --> Enter your API key

  • Restart AppFlowy

  • Type the slash /image command and click the tab "Generate image from Stability AI"

  • Enter your prompt and search

  • Click on the image you like

  • The image will be automatically inserted into your document

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