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AppFlowy is an open-source alternation to Notion. You are in charge of your data and customizations.

Built for teams that need more control and flexibility

100% data control

  • You can host AppFlowy wherever you want; no vendor lock-in.

Unlimited customizations

  • Design and modify AppFlowy your way with an open core codebase.

One codebase supporting multiple platforms

  • AppFlowy is built with Flutter and Rust. What does this mean? Faster development, better native experience, and more reliable performance.

Built for individuals who care about data security and mobile experience

100% control of your data

  • Download and install AppFlowy on your local machine. You own and control your personal data.

Extensively extensible

  • For those with no coding experience, AppFlowy enables you to create apps that suit your needs. It's built on a community-driven toolbox, including templates, plugins, themes, and more.

Truly native experience

  • Faster, more stable with support for offline mode. It's also better integrated with different devices. Moreover, AppFlowy enables users to access features and possibilities not available on the web.

Community for hackers | Community for creators | Community for builders

Let’s democratize the knowledge and wheels of making complex workplace collaboration tools

  • It takes tremendous resources and expertise to build a great collaborative productivity tool. Don’t reinvent the wheels, let’s create the best open-source building blocks as infra to power others.

We collaboratively create apps that suit others’ needs by developing a versatile toolbox of plugins, templates, and more

  • Join us to build a toolbox that empowers anyone to create their own system - play and tweak without a glass ceiling on what’s possible.
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